POCD and Staring URGENT

22 September 2020 - 1:30

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Alright. I've been diagnosed with OCD for sure. But I keep looking at my 13 year old sisters butt. I come around her, get super anxious and look quickly, then feel like garbage for hours or days, it's been like this for months. I'm just so done. I talked to my therapist about it and how I've watched animated porn with characters that were kinda young looking but I don't do it anymore but that it's never an attraction to kids. How I was dating a freshman when I was 17. The worst part is, my therapist hits me with "I don't know if you're a pedophile". I have no idea how to handle that. I read one of the answers to my posts earlier about feeling like a pedo and feel better. Spent time with my sister making dinner, then started worry slightly to now full on panic. I'm worried now because I'm NOT looking, why am I not looking now? Is it because I'm actually a pedophile and I've just accepted it or because like pedophiles, they don't feel guilty? I am so confused. I need help now. I can't tell if it's pedophilia or just that I'm in denial. I hate this so much and it makes me feel gross tf is wrong with me?

23 September 2020 - 13:46

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Of course you don't like the idea of being a pedophile. I don't think that real pedophiles are guilty of having attractions to children.

29 September 2020 - 2:10

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Is your therapist an OCD therapist? If so, then its probably a part of your CBT. CBT focuses on changing thought patterns and behaviors. But if your therapist isnt an OCD specialist, then it would be best to get in touch with one that clearly understands the disorder.

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