Pocd and something I did

12 May 2018 - 5:57

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ok so Iv had what I think is pocd for couple years now and been coping for the most part but one thing that I’m getting stuck on and panicking about it... when I was about 15 I used to go on this chat site. And I was quit a sexual teenager and would sometimes look for people wanting to do sex talk. This one time in particular I found someone and suggested we did the teacher student scenario as it’s still a fantasy of mine. I said I was a 16 yr old with big boobs etc trying to be sexy. But this guy I was taking to said I should pretend to be younger and said maybe 11 is better. I thought this was weird but I stupidly went along with it!!! Anyway things got going and I’m sure I was getting off to it all but I don’t think I was imagining I was 11 I was just imagining me! But I’m so freaked out by the whole thing and I can’t even look at young school girls without panicking I feel aroused!? Any insite would be great 


12 May 2018 - 7:36

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I don't think you should blame yourself for this. You haven't done anything wrong.
You can be aroused by anything sexual - we are human. It doesn't mean you are aroused by the aspect of a 11 year old and a teacher.
If anything, the person you were talking to is to blame.

12 May 2018 - 8:59

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Yes this wasnt your fault. You can be aroused by anything sexual it simetimes just happens. This guy was the one at fault xx

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