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Hey there
So after following the forum for a while it appears that POCD is quite common. Does anyone have any opinions as to why this is?

15 April 2019 - 1:27

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It’s not. But the forum allows it. [Comment edited by Moderator]


15 April 2019 - 2:01

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Hi Dopey Dora

I have a main fear of being a P but I also have other OCD topics such as Harm and fear of mental illness (being a psychopath) and OCD tends to find things that cause people a significant amount of pain and being a P is horrific to these individuals so anything else would be preferable to being one even OCD. You will find that a lot of the POCD posts are seeking reassurance, which doesn’t help with recovery but is a quick fix to the problem hence why it is most common. It is a very real fear for myself and others and has every right to be discussed openly to ease suffering. 

15 April 2019 - 2:10

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[comment edited by Moderator] compared to pedophila POCD is better than the alternative even though any form of OCD is extremly debilitating. No one would wish for either. [comment edited by Moderator]  POCD is relatively common in terms of OCD themes as is evident by the abundance of posts on  this forum and others alike. It’s also recognized by other therapists and professionals and the colloquial diagnosis of POCD matches up with the DSM definition of OCD. I’ve never been on the other forums on this site, but this forum does say that it is specifically for thoughts of a sexual nature so I’m guessing those with other themes just avoid this forum! It’s also an obsession that has a high success rate when treated by ERP/CBT just like other OCD themes. POCD themes are usually met with accompanying “pure” themes ase well. Suffers have usually dealt with severe anxiety before the onset of OCD, or they already have a diagnosis. [comment edited by Moderator] 

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I believe I'm going through pocd (well at least I hope) I notice that when I'm really happy and calm the thoughts and groinal responses I have to younger people are gone and my libido and fantasies to people my age starts to come back which is nice to know. However it's spiked up again today after the groinal responses came back. Then it went back to normal kinda and now it's spiked up heavy again whilst im writing this. I hope that its just my possible ocd flaring up again and that it'll be better tomorrow. But I'm always scared that i have or will develop p as well. POCD is probably common because of the stigma it has and how it's one of the worst things you can be. The ocd loves fear and will make you doubt and question if you are this monster. Ocd is very scarily convincing and it makes people's lives hell. I constantly fear I will develop a crush or a horrible sexual attraction to the wrong person as I notice the crushes happen randomly. I've had 10 crushes in my life so far and the youngest has been only 1 year younger than me so im hoping that it'll stay like that. [Comment edited by Moderator]. I hope and strongly feel pocd is very common as it's well known with therapists and doctors and this community. People just want to seek comfort which I know reassurance isn't the best option [Comment edited by Moderator]

15 April 2019 - 2:57

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Hello everyone:

We'd like to answer this user's question publicly to explain the nature and type of topics that appear on our forums.

The OCD Action Online forum is a peer support forum, where users are welcome to post topics about any form of OCD. Our forums aim to be a community of users providing support to one another, so no one with OCD has to feel alone.

So, you will see posts about POCD, as our forums support people affected by the OCD spectrum of anxiety disorders, and this includes POCD. Intrusive thoughts of of a violent or sexual nature are not uncommon in OCD. We want all users to feel they can can post their questions and concerns about OCD so, we can't exclude forum users with a particular form of OCD.

We do our best to let forum users know that there may topics discussing intrusive thoughts of of a violent or sexual nature. On the forum home page, under the sub-forum "OCD and Intrusive Thoughts" we clearly state that: "This is the place to discuss your OCD intrusive thoughts that are of a more sensitive nature, such as violent or sexual thoughts. Intrusive thoughts such as these are not uncommon in OCD. All other threads for intrusive thoughts should be posted on the OCD forum."

Of course we have a set of forum rules and guidelines that we expect all users to follow when posting. You can read about these by clicking on the links on this page: Using the forums - Everyone please read

If you do feel a post violates our forum rules, you can click on the report this post link, fill out the complaint form and the Moderators will follow up on this.

If you have an issues or questions regarding the forums, please contact the Moderators by email at forum@ocdaction.org.uk or send us a private message.

We hope that when using the OCD Action forums, you will feel supported by others who understand. We want you to feel comfortable posting about OCD, no matter what form of OCD or related disorder you're living with.


Moderation Team

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