Pedophilie or not; after 6 months

9 June 2019 - 16:52

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Hello. I’ve written in here a couple of times with this issue, but it just seems to backfire on me with new questions every time I find a solution.

So the story is (and I’m keeping it short), that I was deeply depressed when I was a young teenager. I’m not necessarily blaming my actions on my depression, but it could have had a big helping hand. To say it bluntly, I masturbated to fictional erotic stories featuring children having sex with adults from time to time.

I started putting it behind me, because in the end I know I was a dumb teen and it was easy to find arousing material that could make your stress melt away. 

The thing is, I read somewhere that says, that it is definitely a fetish if you keep feeling arousal after 6 month. And this thing I had going on lasted for about three years, on and off.

I’ve never looked at a real child and thought something that shouldn’t belong in my head. But I did keep masturbating to those stories because I knew they could get me off. 

Now I’m terrirfied I truely am a pedophile for finding those stories arousing. I am already questioning if I ever found a real kid attractive...I am starting to wonder if I ever masturbated to the thought of a real kid of thought weirdly about them!

In advance, thanks for the advice, and please please please help me.

(I cannot tell my therapist about this for reasons)

18 June 2019 - 17:46

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Im bringing this comment back on the top as this scared me a bit and I want an answer with the 6 months thing

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