just venting about how absurd my ocd is

26 July 2019 - 19:50

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i get why people with ocd start to develop the fear of having schizophrenia, because it sure can be scarily similar at times. my mind has went through at least 10 obsessions in the past week alone. just this morning i woke up and thought, “what if i’m dead and all of my reality is just my imagination? oh my god, do i actually believe this? am i having a psychotic episode? am i delusional?”

at one point i just had to tell myself “so what? there’s nothing i could do about it anyway. who cares if you’re dead and everything is actually just your imagination. you would be able to make something amazing happen if that were true.”

it seems these sort of supernatural fears with ocd are common, and they’re pretty scary. it can seem like psychosis but really it was me just FEARING that it was true, not believing it’s true. my ocd has only gotten worse though so i’m gonna need to do something about it. hopefully i don’t actually have a psychotic breakdown from all the stress