Is it even OCD or is it BPD? Someone help.

17 September 2016 - 18:03

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Hi, i am constantly worrying i have something other than OCD, and i mainly think it could be BPD (borderline personality disorder). Take for example, my triggers are so unlike most people with OCD, like i am mainly triggered with my boyfriend, if i feel he has abandoned me in the slightest i completely lose it, and its all in my head. He can simply get in an argument with me and make me feel as if he has disregarded my feelings and i completely shut down, my emotions are so strong, i know its probably an anxiety attack but i cant think, i cant do anything its like all there is is anger or something. Fear. Im not sure. Sometimes during those times i get so irrational, all i want to do is leave... Just leave the room, the house. Whatever. But then the rational part of me just wants to hug him and be with him and Its so overwhelming i cant take it. Is it really OCD? Is me needing to leave a compulsion? Whats going on? 

17 September 2016 - 19:05

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Sounds like Anxiety, most likely combined and worsened with the normal stresses and strains involved in your relationship. As for BPD, I'm not a professional so I cannot say what you have and dont have and give a label and from what you've given it really doesn't tell enough. BPD is focused a hell of a lot on your mood and also accompanies nihilistic feelings of emptiness and nonexistence. If you genuinely feel you satisfy diagnostic criteria, then its pretty important that you go to your doctor for a referral as soon as possible.

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