Intrusive thoughts

5 August 2019 - 11:09

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Having a hard time atm. I have intrusive thoughts of 'what If' I've done something bad or harmed someone in the past. I can't remember doing anything wrong but the anxiety and images in my head keep tormenting me.
I know I'm supposed to sit with it and not react but when I try this I think does this mean I'm a bad person who doesn't give a toss. I am so worn out with this disorder. I just want to be able to trust my own mind.

5 August 2019 - 21:00

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sometimes medication like anafranil and SSRIs can help stop the intrusive thoughts somewhat or make your brain not care anymore, the thoughts arent really coming from you, its your anxiety brain creates them, like a song we dont like that keeps playing in our heads u know

, I can now imagine (because I want to now) a thought of killing a kitten and I think about it, but I did not do it in real life now, its just a thought, Im not a bad person for thinking it, its only when someone goes ahead and does something like that. The memories is false memories, dont try to argue with your brain(did u or didnt u do it) it will only make it worse, let the thought be, pay it no mind if ur brain tells you that u did those things. Its ocd.

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