I'm so lost

26 October 2016 - 2:09

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I can't cope with this anymore I want my life back , I'm tired of the intrusive thoughts and the anxiety ruining my life - I just want to be a normal teenager I'm not usually one for self pity but why me ? There are plenty of other people out there who are far worse , than a teenage girl I wouldn't wish OCD or anxiety on my worst enemy but I just feel so lost , I feel like my medication isn't working and I know I've only been on them for 3 weeks so it's really just giving them time to kick in but I'm just getting so frustrated with the whole situation, the first couple months of the year were perfect my mental health was great and I felt on top of the world and then I read something horrible online (more explained in a previous post) and suddenly my world crumbled this was around April 3rd and it was the worst day of my life from that day forward my life has been hell , I've stopped going to school and I'm now home educated , I was taken into hospital for suicidal thoughts , I'm now on sertraline and I just can't cope anymore I want to keep going because everyone says it gets better , but when ? When do I finally get to be happy all I want more than anything in the whole wide world is to be better , I know things take time to heal but I'm really losing patience... my parents say that my meds seem to have made me happier and I'm not going to lie my thoughts are constantly there anymore but when they are they're intense I keep having weird dreams too , I just don't know what to do because I feel pathetic for whining about how it's so unfair but at the same time I feel valid to because of how anxious I constantly amĀ 

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I can feel your pain. Its been 3 years for me. Ive been from topic to topic with horrible thoughts and worry. I just want it all to end.

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