I don't know what to do with this memory. I feel like i am so disgusting for having a memory like that.

2 September 2017 - 23:04

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when i was a kid, i was riding a bike and it sometimes hit some pleasurable body part and i was thinking me and my granpa taking a bath, not doing anything but why did i think something like that?!!! It is so gross and i am thinking maybe i was liking it but it was my grandpa (and we're not close) and i have no daddy issues or something. I feel like i am so disgusting. Also i am gay and i think i was just trying to learn what my identity really was. I just suffered from my inyrusive thoughts and i think as soon as i am overcoming these thoughts, this started. I don't know what to do, i really think i am so gross. Pls help me.

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Ive had sone really sexual stuff happen to me aswell when i was a kid. I often think back and worry myself sick and think im a monster. But youre not alone. I dont if its wrong or right since i have ocd to and unable to know.

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