i don’t think i can deny it anymore

20 July 2019 - 21:50

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i was watching a show just now and there was this kid that i thought was handsome. he’s a korean kid and the type of guys i like are korean. i know it’s normal to think a kid is handsome, but i got this warm feeling when looking at him. i can’t really explain it. it’s the same type of feeling i’d get if i saw a korean man i thought was handsome. i couldn’t picture myself in a relationship with the kid but i thought his face was attractive. 

isn’t this basically proof i’m a pedophile? i mean i got the same feeling i get when i see an attractive man. i just feels like there’s too much evidence against me to deny it anymore :/

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Hey dollie! No it doesnt mean that..ocd gets into our heads and twists it. makes us believe it. but look how bad you feel ! your fine. read my posts abd message me if you like !

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No it doesn't make you a pedophile, OCD is vile and is trying to convince you. Also, nothing wrong.in thinking someone is handsome.

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