how is life after pure o?

26 October 2016 - 2:31

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Hi all. I'm writing this in the midst of what I believe is a bad OCD (rocd mostly) spike so forgive me if I sound a bit harried. I'd been doing well for a while with my thoughts, but lately things have seemed to have amped up and have gotten much worse, and as I was thinking earlier about finding treatment to get rid of my rOCD, a thought came in and basically said something along the lines of 'nothing is ever going to be the same again after this', to which I obviously freaked out over which led me into a major panic attack. Now things before the OCD were great, perfect even. I've got a guy that I'm in love with (one of the main things my OCD targets hence the rocd) and everything in general was going good until the pure OCD hit. It's been about five months since then, and because of all of these thoughts and negative feeling brought on by the thoughts my feelings seemed to have changed almost completely somewhere around mid July or early august, as in nothing feels the same way it used to, in doubting I'm in love and keep feeling like I'm not even though Im sure I am, and everything just feels off. I was wondering if anyone who has felt with something similar and come out the other side of the OCD tunnel, so to speak, could tell me how life after pure o feels; if everything goes back to normal, if your feelings came back and if things felt like they did before the OCD happened, if there were any major changes in perception or feelings. Thank you all again.

26 October 2016 - 2:42

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Ive wondered this myself. Ive had moments where the storm in my mind is calm. And i think, now what? Of course it always comes back. But at times i feel an emptiness when its calm. Maybe from being so consumed in the wars in my mind i now know nothing else. But i do wonder if one returns to normal after.

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