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9 June 2017 - 20:43

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Hi all I've not been on in ages cos I'm trying to avoid reassurance for my POCD.

but I really wanted to share something in the hope it might help someone.I like my supplements, vitamins etc, so I was looking for a supplement for OCD cos my sertraline isn't completely helping. I broke down and told my boyf I couldn't cope anymore and he thought I meant I was suicidal and he burst into tears, so I figured I need something to help me more cos i can't see him so upset. I found a supplement called Inositol and read it's good for OCD in higher doses. I found some really cheap 1000mg tablets online and ordered them. Now I dunno if its placebo or not, I'm not a doctor and I'm not advocating anyone take these without medical advice. But three days in, I'm taking 5-6g a day and after the first two days of feeling drowsy, today I feel great. ​

​ive watched videos on Facebook of little girls (the focus of the OCD) singing on TV etc and it didn't occur to me til after that I hadn't had one intrusive thought. That's not happened in 2 years.

​I notice the odd thought creeping in but find it barely bothers me and I can dismiss it quickly, the groinal response has all but disappeared, which is great as it was with me 24/7 before.

​on top of that, cos my mind is clear I've been able to be really productive with other things, getting jobs done I've been putting off for ages and I feel calm and happy.

​ could be placebo, who knows, time will tell, and 3 days is too early to know if its gonna stay this way, but to have a great day for the first time in years, I'm grabbing onto it with both hands for however long it lasts!

​I take sertraline, lamotrigine, ginkgo biloba and a multivitamin every day on top of the inositol and it's not created any side effects.

​if you decide to try it, do your own research and decide for yourself, but if this helps one person feel better then Im happy!

9 June 2017 - 22:57

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Think ive heard of this when i was training some years ago .

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