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1 October 2020 - 1:13

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I’m relatively young, so I don’t have the means to see a medical professional without my parents. My parents are both very kind people who love me very much, my own mom even suffers from an anxiety disorder. I want to ask them about therapy but I’m so scared. I don’t want to waste their time, because what if the therapist tells me that my thoughts are real. Or what if the ERP proves that my thoughts are real. I just want to be who I was earlier in the summer, and I’m afraid that it’s forever changed. I hate these thoughts, but what if subconsciously I don’t. I need help but I have zero clue on where to start. Do I have to see a therapist or an OCD specialist? Is there a difference? What if I see an OCD specialist specifically and they just straight up tell me I self diagnosed myself incorrectly and that I have Münchausen syndrome or something. I don’t want to waste my parents money on something that might not work, I don’t know how to go about this process. I’m going to talk to my dad about it this weekend, I hope, but I don’t want to ask him blindly with no information. How do I even explain to my dad what’s going on, what if I tell him I’m struggling with intrusive thoughts and he just tells me I need to stop obsessing. I’m so scared. I don’t even know if this is actually OCD or not, maybe I just need to figure it out myself first before I waste my parents money on something that I might not even need.

1 October 2020 - 15:03

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Hey, I am not an expert but you should get rid of those "dont want to waste my parents time/money", since you are the most valuable thing for them. I suggest you to make a list with all the feelings you experience, but research work will keep you very busy and maybe its unconvenient. I dont know, and am not the one to say....Im in psycotherapy and I recommend you to go. Its no longer estigmatized although I do not recommend you to make it vox populi, but I encourage you to go. Besides, your mum suffers from anxiety, isnt it? They will undersant for sure. Visit my post if you want for deeper information about intrusive thoughts and anxiety, but dont get stuck in this topic and talk to your parents.

Best wishes!

1 October 2020 - 17:15

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The front page of the website has counseling info. 

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