HOCD sexual orientation obsession

5 July 2019 - 21:27

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Hello,  I have seen your videos on youtube, thankyou for putting them up it is very helpful and makes people feel less alone. I have had obsession based on my sexual orientation for 6 years now, I believe I am attracted to men and didn't think I was attracted to women, but now I am having doubts, and getting therapy is much too expensive so I have just been trying to live with it. I know the best way to get through it is to just ignore the thoughts, but what if there are feelings involved? Things that feel like attraction but you are not sure so you analyze them. It happens to me with women who exude masculine qualities and today I saw a video of Jodie Foster and I don't know how to describe it but it felt like attraction- or that my brain recognised something masculine about her speech pattern or something. It was vague but frightening and send me down another rabbit hole of overthinking. I keep thinking any feeling makes it more important. Anyway, any advise for moments of panic?

6 July 2019 - 2:12

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I never had intrusive thoughts of this type.  Mine were about causing harm to loved ones and I know how terrible it is.  I was diagnosed with OCD 25 years ago about 6 months after a terrible tragedy in the family.  My symptoms began about 5 years before that but the trigger sent my panic into overdrive.  I was prescribed Anafranil which really helped a lot.  I'm still taking it and probably will from here on in because I've tried to taper off and the anxiety would come back.  I would say that if panic is a problem you can't beat it.  That and CBT are great.

Hang in there man.  It does get better.

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