Can overthinking you're a pedophile make you one?

25 June 2017 - 12:57

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So I've convinced myself that my anxiety about being a pedophile has made me a pedophile. I was watching Harry Potter today and saw Ron and Harry as little boys. I thought "am I attracted to them" but I don't know if I was just overwhelmed with how cute they both were. I don't know why I've been getting these thoughts for two months when I  didn't think of kids at all before hand like this. I used to sort of calm down when I realised I never thought of kids this way before all this but that no longer comforts me anymore as a lot of pedophiles don't realise they're pedophiles and one of them even said "it was like a switch going off". I can't even look at adults the same anymore. The teenage boys my age I once thought were amazing or the celebrities like Harry styles I once drooled over don't seem to get me excited anymore. I even question whether I'm attracted to my boyfriend anymore cos I'm just never in the mood to do sexual things with him. I went through the same thing with him when I thought I was a lesbian and it almost broke us up. I try and masturbate over these children thoughts but it makes me scared and I don't wanna do it cos I'm scared I'll like it. Also what makes me nervous is how much I constantly check if I like the thought of children doing inappropriate things... this is a really shitty OCD worry  

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Im going through something alot simular. Im convinced im a pedophile. I cant even tell my boyfriend im so scared.
.this is the worst idk what to do anymore.

Maybe its our Pocd maybe its not? I cant answer that sorry

I suggest seeing a psychologist and psychartrist experienced in OCD for treatment and closure

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Rumination is a compulsion, it just makes your OCD stronger as it is doing. Think about something else. Don't look at kids pics, don't masturbate to kids those are triggers &  it just makes your OCD stronger. 

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