Update regarding repairs or rather lack thereof

20 June 2014 - 14:53

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I'm sick to death of my housing association, I’ve asked repeatedly for the outstanding repairs to be done, some of them outstanding for decades, and I'm continually ignored. Or they send a surveyor round to assess the repairs, they make note of all that needs doing, set up work orders and then that’s as far as it gets.

I'm without access to cooking facilities, the floor under the washing machine is broken so the machine is on a slope and doesn’t function properly. I’ve been unable to shower for more than three years as unable to get in and out of the bath, but at least I was able to use the shower to wash my hair, that is until today. The hose on the shower has a hole in it and it’s one of those showers where you can’t change the hose without taking off the front of the shower which as tenants we aren’t allowed to do. I’ve put up with it for ages because they keep saying that they are going to sort the shower so that I can access it and at the same time replace the shower unit. Ha ha ha. Last week when I tried once again to get hold of the surveyor I broke down into tears and the girl answering the phone said they could at least sort the hose on the shower and would send someone out.

They came this morning and on inspecting it told me that I couldn’t use it full stop. Apparently the fixing for the cover was broken and so potentially could let in water, it’s been like it since the last time that they replaced the hose years ago which means that I’ve been risking my life every time that I’ve used it to wash my hair.

So I said to the young man, "So how am I supposed to manage? Because of my OCD I can’t go to bed without at least washing my hair. So if the shower doesn’t work then I can’t go to bed, so might as well call it a day and top myself." I wouldn’t usually say that but I was really annoyed. Anyway the young lad made a phone call and the result was that within three hours I had a brand new shower fitted. I think I really put the wind up the housing association as apparently they contacted OCD Action to ask their advice.

Anyway result was a new shower and not before time!

This has spurred me on to insist that the rest of the repairs are completed promptly and to my satisfaction working with me to accommodate my OCD.

20 June 2014 - 16:06

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Hi Truddles

I'm all happy for you that you got the shower sorted but it does not sound like the end of things still there needs to be a lot more work in the apartment.

You've had a nightmare with the housing association but glad you were able to get things moving, We need to express our worries and if we are too layed back with it nothing is going to get done. I think we need to push and push and sometimes it may come to the stage where certain words can mean more when it boils down to it. 

That would of motivated you when you expressed your concerns, Hows your cooking facilities at the time being are you able to use it or is it a struggle?

A brand new working shower that reminds me that my gran might be getting her bathroom done up so it's like a wet-room, a good way forward. I'm looking forward to see how it turns out when it's fitted in. The annoying thing is if we don't push someone the job may never get done.

Let us know how you get on with the housing association.

21 June 2014 - 20:39

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God bless that young man anyway.  So finally that's at least one thing attended to - maybe this is the start of something, who knows...  I think Grams is right, sometimes it gets to the point where they won't shift until you stop trying to be halfway polite.  Although what you said was quite reasonable, in my opinion!  Wishing you the best of luck getting that blasted floor fixed now.  It's about time!

All the best,


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