Should I start taking medication again?

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Hi guys hope you are all well

I have been diagnosed with OCD for many years. And in the beginning (around 16 years ago) I was put on medication. I think it was called Lustral. I took it for a while but when it was time for repeat prescription I decided to stop. I dont like taking medications as much as possible, unless it is something major.

My OCD has been under control for many years apart from a few little flare ups here and there, I seem to keep it under control in most situations, however in the last year since beginning my PhD it has gone off the charts, every email I send i need to check and recheck, my mind hasnt switched off in months, it is now 5:46 am and I am up because I have a meeting at 10am and too scared to sleep incase I sleep in. So watching Moana (great show) and doing work. 

I told my supervisors in my application that I had OCD but it never came up but I had to take a couple of months off due to not being able to cope anymore. I have given up on the idea already of completing my PhD as it is way over my head, although my supervisor suggested taking medication for it, my PhD is in the health field so they know what they are talking about but I hate the idea of going on medication.

I attend CBT and feel that could be enough but not too sure what I should do. I dont care about my studies anymore, my anxiety is doing my head in, they change my research area to something I know nothing about and I think that kicked it all off. 

Anyone been in the same boat?

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Hi there... Only a doctor can really advise about medicines, cos so many things have to be taken into consideration... It maybe a real good idea... For many people medicines help alongside CBT. As far as how long for, well, see how it goes. I've been on Fluoxetine for many years, and it seems to help. There is some really good reading material available to help too. Have a look in the 'All our information' section in the blue footer at the bottom of this page.



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Thanks for that Ill have a lookie at it, thanks

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