Seeking help advice. I feel alone and scared

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Hi all

This is my first time writing here and I'm a bit nervous. Well terrified actually. So basically I need some advice maybe some words of wisdom from people who have been through this before. I have never been diagnosed with OCD but I suspect I have it. Even if it's not OCD I know something is wrong and I really want help. I think if I do not have OCD then I have another mental illness that is similar. Anyways It's gotten really bad and I really want to seek help but I have this thought that if I speak up and tell people then people I love will die or I will die and it is so awful I am paralyzed. I spent all spring semester in therapy and I completely ignored these problems (thank goodness for free therapy through university) I just talked about Generalalized anxiety that most students most likely feel. I feel awful about myself like I wasted my counsellors time and took time from people that needed help. It's like I want to tell them so badly and the words are in my mouth I just can't say them!! Even if I do not have OCD I just figured maybe some of you have gone through similar things? It seems like this is a common intrusive thought (the people you love dying not necessarily speaking out I am not sure about that part) for people with OCD so I figured maybe someone here could at least help me in feeling not so alone. How have you gotten over these intense fears?? I know with therapy but I can't get over them enough to go. I feel like just posting this is breaking down a lot of barriers for me because even here Im having so many thoughts that ill accidentally post this on social media and everyone will know and then bad things will reallllyy happen. I want help so badly but I am so scared to cause harm and then I have doubts that anything is even wrong when clearly something is up. I know there isn't any phrase that could send me the courage to speak up but just knowing I'm not alone in these thoughts feels incredibly valuable.

Sorry for all the typos I am using a touch screen device it is very challenging to type.  

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Hey pan. Although i havent been diagnosed myself. It sounds like your struggling with intrusive thoughts. Ive neved had thoughts tell me if i dont do this or that someone will be hurt. But i have had thoughts of "well you didnt listen you deserve to die". Alot of these deal with religoius subjects. Many people here suffer from different topics but it seems to all be common on the "what ifs". Such as if i dont do this someone might be hurt. Or what if this happened, or what if this, what if, what if, what if, and it just goes on and on. Im sure you will find mutual feelings and thoughts with others in here. Hang in there.

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Your breaking a cycle by posting here and by getting counselling. If your describing Generalized Anxiety Disorder, you are describing a component of OCD. What type of OCD are you suffering with? 

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Hi there and welcome... Us ocd'ers are a brilliant group... a group you can now say you've joined. This group has been a lifesaver for me. I'm so glad I found it, through staff at the day centre I was attending at the time... I no longer feel suicidal, thanks to the wonderful people on here. Many have moved on now, and it's quite a journey... Thank you everyone!


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