New Year Goals not Resolutions for 2015

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New Year Resolutions can be hard to keep especially as many that we make are negative (I won't do this or that) rather than positive (I will do so and so).

We also tend to make resolutions that aren't realistic and then when we can’t achieve them we get despondent and give up.

So last year instead of New Year Resolutions in true CBT fashion I set myself some Goals:

Long term goals that I wanted to achieve by the end of the year.

Medium term goals that I wanted to achieve within three to six months.

Short term goals that I wanted to achieve by the end of the week.

At the end of each week, if I'd managed to achieve my short term goal then I set another one for the following week, if not I’d try again the following week.

All my goals were realistic and achievable but also I ensured that they challenged me and the OCD. I've managed to achieve every goal on my list and as a result have gained confidence and progressed with my OCD.


31 December 2014 - 15:59

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Hi Trudy, welcome back to the forums. I've also been away from the forums for a while. I'm still doing CBT tasks. I actually took my other half into a hospital yesterday, pushed a wheelchair, had to find the department and suchlike. I was fine until having to ask someone to open a door for me. I actually said that I'd got ocd, and a nurse just opened the door for us. I then had to cope with paying for parking, using a payment station, and getting the wheelchair into the car. It was dark and very cold, but I got away with it. I'm getting used to using one of those satnav devices. AAs I get used to it, I find myself wondering how we managed without them! I'm going to use e-mail to wish the happy new year to my family, it is the easiest way to contact them all.

Let's all hope for a happy 2015!


1 January 2015 - 20:20

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I've made some New Year resolutions, but they're really more of a to-do list.  I'd got into a muddled state where I was always worried that the things I was spending my time on weren't really the things I wanted to do, which was OCD a bit but was also true - the OCD has been so tiring lately that I've been going through more or less on autopilot, and the things I've been occupying myself with are just things I've fallen into.  I kept deciding against starting things because I had other things at the back of my mind that I wanted to do more, and then not getting around to starting those either, and mostly just playing computer games.  So I've made a list of what I really did want to be doing rather than this, projects and so on I want to start in the new year.  That seems to have worked for me - it's going well already.

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