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17 May 2017 - 7:53

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Hi folks. I joined a couple of weeks ago but have felt a bit shy about actually posting something.

I am in my 30s and have had OCD since I was a child, although the way it affects me has changed over the years. I used to do a lot of counting and checking rituals. I couldn't put anything away as I had to fold things over and over but I've learned to resist that one.

Now I mainly feel anxious about things being in the wrong place but one thing I've always had is problems with writing and having to do it again and again. I also sometimes have to run through lists of things in my head. They're not intrusive thoughts but the actual compulsion, not sure if that means it's pure O.

I'm on the waiting list for NHS therapy (can't afford private) and at the moment I'm just focusing on coping with the anxiety really.

Pleased to meet you all.

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Hi Tarra

Nice to meet yourself, welcome to the forum

It can be awfully time consuming but being able to break it up a bit is always a step forward. Would you say the writing one has been a recent one or is that one that you have had for a long time in the past? Were you able to speak to family or friends about the ocd? My little theory is that at first we might feel guilty about telling someone but the more that we tell people it gets rid of that guilty feeling. I think getting the help from a professional is good and we might be able to start living a normal life again.

Thanks for posting.

18 May 2017 - 4:41

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Thanks for the welcome! The writing one isn't new, I've had it since secondary school but didn't recognise what it was. On a good day it's not too bad. On a bad day I can need 25 attempts at writing something on a post-it.

I have spoken to a very few people although I don't find it easy as a lot of the things I do sound weird. So for example I've talked to my partner and a couple of friends about some aspects of it but am not going to try to explain how I sometimes go over lists of information in my head as it would sound so strange.

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