My tips for succeeding with OCD. . .

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 This is an updated version of a topic I started a while back.

On a positive note, based on my own personal experience I have found that in order to succeed or progress with our OCD we need to:

  • First and foremost remember that we are not OCD, we just happen to have OCD.

  • Rediscover the real us, that is the self without OCD.

  • Be willing to not only try new ideas and suggestions but to also be willing to give them a fair trial.

  • Find out as much as we can about OCD, but only go to reputable books or sites for the information, as so much information, on the internet in particular, is either inaccurate or incorrect.

  • Learn how to listen and not just hear also to see and not just look.

  • Learn to not cherry pick when reading or listening.

  • Learn how to remove black and white thinking in order to be more open and receptive to new ideas and suggestions especially those from our therapists.

  • Not stay within our comfort zone as this severely limits our choices. By learning how to step out of it we can slowly build up our confidence and so go on to tackle more of our OCD.

  • Learn how to use various relaxation techniques, as in order to tackle our OCD we need to learn how to reduce our anxiety. And if one technique doesn’t work for us then we should try others until we find one that works for us.

  • Learn how to love, respect and forgive ourselves, so enabling us to rediscover our ability to trust ourselves and others and not the OCD.

  • Work on building up our confidence and self-esteem.

  • Focus on our strengths and not our weaknesses.

  • Relearn how to relate effectively to others. This places us in a far better position to get the help that we need from others, especially the professionals, without getting distressed or angry.

  • Get out and socialise more as contact with others is vital for good mental health.

  • Learn how to better apportion our time. That way we can gradually get ourselves out of the mess that we can so often find ourselves in because of our OCD and slowly regain control of our lives.

  • Try to maintain a positive attitude, even when we don’t feel particularly positive as a negative attitude only serves to make us feel even more depressed and strengthen our OCD.

  • Understand that we can learn not only from our own mistakes but also from those made by others.

  • Realise that we can improve the quality of our lives by not putting off doing the things that we want to do because of our OCD. Initially we might not be able to do them the way that we would like, but our OCD shouldn’t make us afraid to at least attempt it.

  • Not settle for second best as we all deserve the best regardless of whether we have OCD or not. And that means making the most of any treatment offered. 

  • Lower our expectations and raise our goals so that we can finally start to realise our full potential.