Might sound stupid but......

10 August 2017 - 3:02

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Hi guys hope you are all awesome
This might sound stupid but I've been in a relationship for a while and I worried that somehow my ocd is having an affect on her. She doesn't have ocd but she has something else (not ocd related) I've been diagnosed for over 15 years and most of my closest friends don't even know. I manage to keep it from everyone and not very noticeable however I have noticed that since we have been together she is showing quite a lot of symptoms of checking things over and over. When we leave the house I have to check everything for her. (my ocd is hygiene and checking based) she will close the door lock It and check It at least 5 times and when we get Into the car she will ask if she locked the door. The cooker, taps and door seem to be an issue for her. maybe she has always been like that but I notice It more and more. Could It be me making things worse for her? she sees a shrink and social worker for her thing and she asked If she could have ocd and they said not likely