Hit a wall

17 August 2018 - 15:55

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I think Ive hit a wall and cant get past it.

My mind wont switch off ever, I am sitting trying to get some work done on a review I am working on and cant concentrate for long enough to work at it. It is easy enough work, just some statistical work and I know I can do it but my mind is going crazy about other stuff and I am going around in circles.

I just feel like I have reached end of teather, I try and walk away from stuff and clear my head, whether it is going for a walk, playing some football, even going to a quiz with my friends or something but my mind just wont switch off and really getting on my tits now.

If I take a day off, I still feel exhausted just because have so much going through my mind and dont ever feel relaxed. I know plenty of relaxing stuff, have used them in the past but nothing seems to be working.

Just having a wee rant, hopefully only temporary and mind mushiness will go away soon


1 September 2018 - 23:35

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How about sleep? That turns your mind off.