Exposure and Response Video for Intrusive Thoughts!

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Here's my story:To sum this up pretty quickly, I'd been dealing with Pure-OCD for almost a year after triggering it and I finally decided to take the plunge and get myself some help after I literally felt as though my world was caving in on me. I started off by taking myself to a therapist recommended by a friend, in which was before I had even known that I had Pure-O in specific, and was immediately misdiagnosed and put on anti-depressants. They didn't work, I still had the intrusive thoughts while the anti-depressants made me feel 10x worse. Out of desperation I then decided to do my own research and after about 30 minutes of looking through different forms of intrusive thoughts I found that I exactly had Pure-O. I began learning all about it, I learned of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, I learned of Exposure and Response and then my quest continued. The next day I flushed the pills down the toilet, went through directories for hours looking for best CBT money could buy and by a miracle I managed to find a guy who was not only an OCD specialist but also mastered in Exposure and Response treatment (and had previously worked as the head of the psychiatric department in the ER, successfully treating people who had literally FULLY broken-down before he decided on starting his own company). I had hit the jackpot.  A few days later I called up the office, got an appointment, took a 3hr trip and finally saw him in person. 

After the first session alone, I'm a straight person but I say this with all truthfulness, I could have got up a kissed the guy. I described everything I felt and he explained it me then said it back to me even better than I could. The whole session was full of, "How did he know that?"'s accompanied with a bunch of "Whoa"'s.  I mean this guy was on point. Not only did he give me the method on the first session (which most therapists would try to span out over time) but he was kind and easy to talk too.And even though I was taught on the first day, I continued to keep coming back to just to get advice and learn more. This continued on to about 7 sessions, just checking in to tell him how things were going.

Anyways, fast forward to October, a few days ago I went to see Annabelle after school with some friends and well, it did it's job with the scaring as damn near screamed while in theaters. I was fine afterwards, but I started to wonder late last night how much worse it would have been on my mental strength if I hadn't have dealt with my Pure-O and went through something like that. Or even to add on top of that, this being the month of Halloween, how bad it would have been dealing with this entire month. I started thinking of others and how horrible it must be right now and I decided that from that point on, I'd be dedicating my time to helping other suffers who were in the same spot as I was.I whipped this video together early in the morning describing most of what I learned in the simplest form I could possibly break it down including the method I learned to deal with my Pure-O and from this point on, I'll be everyone's personal therapist. If you are a sufferer of any form of intrusive thoughts, I will show you how to deal with them.

Video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uc7f6UTdTc

It's not the best video but I believe it covered what you needed to know enough to get you on your way.If you understood it including the explanation, spread it. If your a little confused on it, post below.Can't find your theme? Don't understand certain things? Post below. Need help with anything? Post below.Or PM me. I swear I'll answer everything.

FAQ :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Q. How long do I have to do the ERP method before I notice change?

A. Took me four days to rid of my main intrusive thought (to drop down to a 5.0) and about a month of practice to rid of all others. It depends on the person and how hard you work at the method in your spare time.

Q. What if I get more intrusive thoughts while I try to get rid of my current ones?A. I asked this myself and in never actually happened. Though, I was told that if you do just continue to work on the ones that cause you the most stress. As you practice they'll just stop coming more and more.

*(I'll add more as questions start to come in

Tips :1. Keep an open mind. They're just ideas, you can literally never act on them in bad way, so be acceptive. Learn to attribute all intrusive thoughts to the Pure-O alone, and learn to not be scared of them. Remember, the more fear you give it, the more relevant it becomes.

2. Live a healthy lifestyle in general. You could get rid of the Pure-O but still have a horrible mental state if you're not taking care of yourself. Eat a good breakfast, go outside, BE HEALTHY.

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Hi,im gona have a look at ur video and see wat i think.

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This actually helps! Thank you. Al

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