Do I need to take drugs to feel better?

1 June 2019 - 16:43

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So I'm currently planning a therapist to deal with my ocd as I feel that's the only way to make me feel better. However, I'm scared I'm gonna have to take medicine to make me feel better. It's not about the medicine that's the problem. Is that I'm scared i won't have a fulfilling sex life anymore as I've been told SSRI can lower libido massively. Is this permanent? How long is the libido lowered for? Will my sex life be ruined?

And also do I need to take SSRIs? I read alot of ocd patients just take ERP to feel better without medicine. I'm wishing this is the step forward I need to take.

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It depends. I think the golden standard at the moment is medication used in line with other treatments such as CBT.
Some people dont mind medication and others hate them. Personally I avoided medication when I was first diagnosed at 16. I didnt like idea of being on them. Now in my 30's I have struggled lately and began medication. No one will force them into you. It is your decision. Talk to your doctor and explain your fears and they will help you. Ultimately your decision

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CBT will help you understand your OCD and give you tools to manage it , but if you are seeking therapy please ensure you try to see someone who has CBT experience and OCD experience . This may also involve ERT which should be tailored to your specific obsessions . I personally have benefitted from medication , indeed I don’t think I would have survived without it. I take SSRIs and Risperidone . There is no uniform reaction to them , some people have side effects for awhile with some people they have none. Only you know whether you can cope without medicine but I would strongly suggest you consider them without a black and white approach to them keep and open mind.


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From what I have read in journal articles and forum anecdotal comments paroxetine causes anorgasmia. Libido is lowered in my experience on all the ssris but not much in fact it’s a blessing if you’re drive is high.

I’m on high dose escitalopram and have no side effects whatsoever in any aspect - slightly lowered libido of course but that’s helpful.



4 June 2019 - 22:02

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Hi, I'm on Fluoxetine and Olanzapine, which after many years seems to be okay. It was important to get the Ocd under control before doing anything else.

30 June 2019 - 21:47

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I was diagnosed with OCD/Panic Disorder and Depression 25 years ago and was prescribed Anafranil with Dexedrine (for the drowsiness).  I think my libido became a little lower but not much.  To handle the panic attacks, the Anafranil was huge!  It went away pretty fast and I've taken it ever since.  I'm strongly in favor of meds.

God bless and take care.



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1 July 2019 - 4:59

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Yes, ssris kill your sex drive. I have ocd really bad and have tried just about every ssri on the market. Its just about as bad as it gets. A few weeks ago before I started lithium, I spent 6 hours turning my lights on and off. I throw thing in the trash then i look in the trash to make sure its there like for example an empty bottle of tea. I throw it away then immediately stare at the bottle in the trash reading and rereading the label until im postive that thats the bottle i just threw away. Then i check the counter to make sure its not there. The list goes on and on....

Try lithium

My doctor just recently started me on lithium and now that my lithium levels are up there in the therapeutic range. Ive noticed a difference in my ocd. Am I 100%? No. Id say im 80-85% better.

Also lithium has no sexual side effects ;D

You do have do get your blood checked every so often to make sure your levels are in normal range.

Good luck to you mate.

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