Do all people with ocd have Autism?

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I don't want to offend anyone and I'm really sorry if I Do, but for ages I remember being afraid of having autism and remember doing countless tests and asking my parents if I have it because I remember I had a special person come in and visit me in primary school and this stressed me out as I fear that this could be because i was detected with autism.

This then made me realise this sounded like ocd as I had obsessive thoughts and compulsions to test myself and ask my parents. So I'm certain I have some form of OCD. But I heard autism is also common in ocd? In fact very common?

Is it possible to have ocd and not Autism?

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From what I have read and understand, OCD (as well as other mental health conditions) can be common in people with autism but that doesn’t mean that everyone with OCD has autism.

I have OCD, and have been affected by it in various ways since childhood, but I don’t have autism or any related traits.

Hopefully this helps a little, someone else may be able to offer more insight on the subject.

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Hi there. There is definitely autism in my family. It is mild autism, but it is definitely there. What is the cause of autism? All my children had normal births, and went full term. I don't think they've had bad illnesses at all, it is just something first picked up at school. They have also grown into successful adults, with children of their own.


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