CLOTHES and SHOES contamination problems

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Hey guys, is somebody have problems with "contamined" clothes and shoes? I find difficults if I step on somethings (bones, some kind of strange trash...) Or wearing that clothes when "something" bad happened or I just think of something bad in that moment. I need to change clothes or/and shoes and put them in some corner and never used again because of ocd triggers. Its been worse day by day and I'm feeling so bad and stressed about it. Can anyone help me please? (Sorry for my bad english)

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Yes, I did that sort of thing.  How long you been doing this?

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Few years ago it started but getting intensive last months, when I have no stress period my OCD is on minimume level so and that things with clothes and shoes go away. But life is full of stress sometimes... How you deal with this? Please help

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Hi there and welcome to the forum. CBT principles often help with this. As far as shoes go, if we go into a supermarket, pick up a baking potato, then put it back and grab an apple. What is now on the apple? I really don't know, but save to say it is no worse than what we got on our hands as babies and children. We survived crawling around on the floor. Bottles and teats were dipped in sterilising fluid, but nothing else was. And, as the eldest of five siblings, I don't recall anyone ever washing the baby food jars before they were opened. And as for clothes, well, I really don't know , but we don't get physically I'll do we? At least, not yet. But it has never happened. Trouble is, that in OCD, reassurance can make us seek more and more reassurance. Welcome!

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