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8 January 2015 - 22:23

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Hi Nimrod

I think CBT is a wonderful thing, This technique can be used for many mental health issues and the reason I think it's great is we learn to think about things in a different way. It encourages us to be open and able to express our thoughts and it also makes us focus on the positive steps we can take. Sort of like if we are suffering from depression and the thoughts we are getting are sort of looping thoughts, this in it's own way will teach us yes we can change our thinking so that instead of thinking in a black or white fashion we can see what is actually happening.

Remember there are many different routes as well, does not have to be CBT but it's one I would highly recommend. I tend to encourage counseling to many people that are suffering from a mental health condition, I think with counseling people might be keeping too many thoughts to themselves and that's when counseling becomes very helpful, you are talkibg to someone who won't judge you, they might not give you the answers but the most important aspect I think about counseling is being able to express your thoughts. It will be difficult for many sufferers but that's one important step in relation to CBT and counseling is being able to express what it is that's bothering you.

CBT is very good no doubt about that but do keep your options open.

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