New OCD Action website and forum *IMPORTANT- PLEASE READ*

28 August 2020 - 19:38

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Hello to our forum user community:

We just want to let everyone know that OCD Action is doing everything we can to get the new OCD Action website and forum live for you.

Just to remind you: when the new site launches, we'll also launch an exciting new forum!

If you're a registered forum user, on this new forum, you can read posts, start new topics and comment on topics like you can here. 

And we're doing everything we can to make the transition from using the existing forum to the new one as easy for you as possible. We posted an earlier topic giving you lot of notice and information about the new forum; please read it if you haven't already: 

Important update about the OCD Action website and forum * Please Read! *

We understand you may have questions - please ask the forum moderator anything about the forums - we're here to help you!

User accounts on the new forum - please read! 

If you have been an active user the past year (meaning you have logged in):

- you won't need to apply for an account on the new forum 

- your account will be transferred to the new forum - please keep an eye out for a welcome email with your new password!

You will need to be 18+ to use the new forum

We needed to make this change to ensure that the forum is safe for all users. If you are a 16-17 year old forum user, do you know there's another OCD Action forum for you - OCD Youth? You can find it here:

Private message update reminder

To help ensure that the new site is as safe as possible, users will no longer be able to privately message each other.

This change supports OCD Action's focus on ensuring the wellbeing of all of forum users. And please remember:

- on the new forum, you can interact and support other users by responding to forum posts.

- if you need help with the new forum or have any questions, you can send a private message to the moderators - we're here to help.

We hope you enjoy using the new forum and thank you for being a part of our forum user community during this exciting time!

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1 September 2020 - 10:27

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At what point today can we expect these changes to go live? Thanks for the updates!

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