It is hard to navigate through the web-site.

9 November 2015 - 6:23

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It is hard to navigate trough the web-site. There are no more new informative forum treads, or I can not find them. It is not clear, how to answer to the tread. I found this web-site by looking for particular info. I found forum treads from few years ago. They are informative. I was trying to answer one tread for those who might be looking for similar info now or later (those, who posted it, did it few years ago and might not need an answer any more), but it looks like I just sent a message to the one who created it.
Thank you.

23 November 2015 - 13:01

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Sorry about that.  There isn't a separate "reply" button, you answer by typing in the box at the bottom of the thread and then pressing the "Post reply" button underneath the box.  (I've come across a few other new members who were confused by that and the "Send Message" button, so it maybe isn't an ideal design.)

I don't know why you can't find new threads; perhaps the search engine took you to some odd part of the site?  If you go to the main forum page ( or click the "Forum" link at the top of any page), then open any of the eight sections, you should see the list of threads all right, starting with the most recent. 

Hope you can soon get sorted out and get some use out of the site. 


30 September 2020 - 9:41

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Great post, a lot of stuff in here i did not know about 

1 October 2020 - 16:36

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I agree with that. Personally I started with this forum when I read one particular post about rumination. I have never thought about having an illnesss, but some of my thoughts really match acurately. Anyways, it helps reading from you all.

Love u all!

PD: I have the same problem with "send message" and "reply". dont take personal... 

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