Important update about the OCD Action website and forum * Please Read! *

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Exciting news for our forum user community!

It’s always been a top priority for us to continually improve the OCD Action website and forum for our user community. Over the last few years, you’ve given us loads of useful feedback - thanks everyone for your help!

A new website for our users

Knowing what you like (and don’t like) really helped us to improve the site and forums. We were so inspired by your feedback that we've been working on creating a new website - we want the best for our forum user community.

Last year, we bid for funding from the Lloyds Bank Foundation to redevelop our site – and it was a success! We’ve been busy ever since, working with users, volunteers and staff to do our best to work on improving the OCD Action website for you.

And now, we’re thrilled to let you know: we're launching a new website this year! And here are answers to questions you may have:

What does this mean for the forum? Will it change?

Yes - you'll have a new, improved forum!

We know the OCD Action forum is a vital source of support for so many of you. So, we made it a priority to ensure that the transition to the new forum will be as easy for you as possible.

Will my account move to the new forum?

Yes! Active user accounts will moveover to the new forum automatically - in line with our privacy policy which you can read here: 

New forum FAQs and reminders

To help questions you have now, we're putting together a special Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page.

And please keep an eye out for more reminders about the new forum launch. We’ll give you plenty of time to prepare for your new forum and ask any questions.

We're here to help - as quickly as we can!

Our forum moderators here to help you at every step of the way, before and after the new forum launches. We'd just like to remind you we're a small charity with few staff - so please be patient - we may be busier than than usual and take a bit longer to reply.

Your feedback on the new forum is very welcome!

We’ll continue to work on and improve the new forum. We always value your feedback and will be very interested to hear your opinions – both the things you do and don’t like!

Thank you for being such a valued member of our forum user community. We really hope you enjoy the new forum and website we’ve created for you!

OCD Action Team