I dont know what to do

26 May 2020 - 11:43

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So, im eventually going to a neurologist to see if i have Tourettes, my uncle has it and ive been jerking my head and clicking for no reason. But it feels like im faking it, im constantly doubting i have it, but it feels like its not there. I even do the tics by myself, which doesnt make sense to me as i feel like im doing it for attention. Or am i doing to try and prove i have Tourettes? I have a history of being a bit obsessed with mental illnesses, i would constantly research, check my present and past behaviours for symptoms etc. Now this confuses me considering my history. Now what confuses me more is that many people describe tics as an urge, but i feel like i dont feel that? Im constantly checking to see if i tic unvoluntary, and surpressing them to see if i feel an urge. I dont know, its confusing me and im freaking out, any sort of help would be appreciated