How to limit time in shower/bathroom for family member newly diagnosed

31 August 2020 - 17:13

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Family member in process of being assessed and diagnosed - all by phone thanks to Covid - making it extremely hard for the rest of the family to deal with.  How on earth do you get someone out of the shower when they can be in there for 4-6 hours going through their procedure and Order to be clean... tho never really feeling clean at the end of it, no matter how long.  Really frustrating for us all. Waiting further assessments and advice and hoping for the right person and advice to come along really soon via our local Adult Mental Health Unit.  Just struggling here, only 3-4 weeks into this acute-onset horrible disorder.  Thank you for reading and for your time.

29 September 2020 - 18:56

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Hey there,


It happened to my son almost 5 years ago ( he is 21 years old now). I would leave in the morning to work, and I would come back like 9 or  10 hours later , and he would still be in and out of the bathroom, sobbing, not being able to finish. My heart was breaking. Nothing worked until he was in one serious therapy + Escitalopram /Lexapro ( higher dose), for almost a whole year . But, it worked. I do not know if your family member is a teenager, but if this is treated early enough, it works. He is still on Lexapro ( smaller dose), and has not been in therapy for over a year. I do not think anything else works. And, of course, I am still praying that he remains well. Good luck to you, you can PM me if you need. p.s. I am on the Forum because I have severe OCD.

30 September 2020 - 3:21

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Washing is one of OCDs compulsion but it’s possible to get better. Use CBT therapy. Try a book called  the Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Washing  How’s he doing now?


1 October 2020 - 0:32

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As Orwell suggests, CBT can help.

One thing I'd emphasise, frustrating as it is to deal with, remember the family member is going through their own hell (not saying you would, but I know of cases where sufferers have been berated by family members over things like this).

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