Harm OCD! I had a scary moment I feel really bad :(

20 March 2020 - 6:14

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I suffer harm ocd. Today I finished bathing my dogs and went to pick up the scissors after giving them a haircut.

As I picked them up I was facing the window that directly looks into their house next door. But I had blinds up. However there's a small gap the blinds don't fully close.

So I picked up the scissors and stood there with them for like a minute or so holding them up as if it was directed at the neighbours like I was wanting to hurt them. I stood there just having them pointed near the window but I'm hoping they didn't see.

I'm now paranoid and feel like I've threatend someone with a armed weapon. My OCD made me think I wanted to and then I panicked after.

Ever since that I've been in a complete state of shock and paranoia. Can someone please help me out?

I never ask for reassurance but this time I can't stop panicking