Gratitude thread for all

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Since we all reach out to one another and give each other advice and offer whatever help we can and share knowledge and our own experiences so that no one feels like they're alone, I thought it'd be sweet to just show gratitude towards each other and the starters of this website.

I personally am very thankful that I found this website that has led me to meet some very kind people. So I would just like to start a gratitude chain where we can just be thankful for having found support.

There's more awareness that needs to be spread about OCD and I know everyday people with OCD and their therapists are working hard at healing and just trying to live well. So here's to all of us who are working so hard to just get through with this pain. And I would like you to know that you are not alone.

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I personally feel this is a wonderful idea! Lots of people on this website have made me feel apart of them during my struggles and let me know we're all in this together. I've learned so much from the people on this website and it's inspired me to help give advice and understanding to others going through similar struggles! A chain for people to get together and give gratitude and respect towards others for the support and advice they received sounds great! It could bring people together to create more friendships, allow more people to get to know each other and know they can depend on one another more, find people who they can PM about their problems, etc.

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yes Ryoumi, i am glad you had this idea, i am grateful to the website all the users... i found out that my fears are not exclusive and there are more people out there who have the SAME thought patterns.. it is very relieving to talk to all of you...  the world seems a little less harsh ... gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude

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Well this seems nice. I myself am greatful to have found this forum. I've come across so many folks who go through the same things i go through. I feel like it is important to reach out to one another and give eachother advice on how to heal. We are all in this together <3

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What I’ve found with OCD is that I’m very alone. I don’t know someone else in person with it, the only help I get from other people who have OCD is from these online forums. I’m happy I’m able to share what I go through with other people who understand because I can’t talk to anyone physically in person. Thank you all

23 October 2020 - 11:24

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