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We at OCD Action want you to feel safe and secure on your forums.

We make every effort to ensure the safety of users whilst they are on the forums. 


Please do not display personal contact details anywhere on the forum or on your profile page.

The best way to stay safe is to keep contact to within the forums, therefore think twice before giving out your email address, phone numbers or address in PMs (private messages). See separate instructions regarding those under 18s. Whilst every effort is made to ensure members safety whilst within the confines of the forums, it’s not quite so easy to deal with once you step outside the forums.

UNDER 18s 

It is especially advisable for the under 18s to not give out any personal information that can identify them such as full name, address, email address, phone numbers, where they live or go to school etc. You should for your own personal safety remain anonymous and stay within the safety of the forums and the PM system.

Can everyone please respect these instructions.

Please ensure you have all read the instructions contained in the red box Some simple rules for all users to follow whilst using our forums and the blue box Welcome to our forums both are found at the top of the main forum page

Thank you

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15 May 2015 - 0:32

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Hello Saxon,​in what sort off safety are you meaning? Surley the admin should rid of the 'wrongin's?' Eg there was a post on here the other day my instinct was to make sure they were ok at first instance,upon not having a reply I worried so divulged mu number out of pure concern for the person but I also came across someone trying to sell fake passports etc....that's not an illness that's just someone who has crept in to take advantage maybe that's the admins job to take down posts like the sales'of fake id.not ours to look out for

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