Delay with the new forum *PLEASE READ!*

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Hello to our forum community:

Update about new website and forum

We wanted to update everyone about the launch of our new forum and website. We've been doing our best to post messages on this forum to keep you informed.

If you haven't read these messages, please do - you'll find links below. They have a lot of really useful information - and you'll know exactly what to expect on the new forum. Here are the messages:

 - Important update about the OCD Action website and forum * Please Read! *

 - New OCD Action website and forum *IMPORTANT- PLEASE READ*

Latest news on new website and forum launch

Unfortunately, there have been some unexpected "technical issues" with the site launch - we're very sorry it's taking a bit more time than we originally expected.

Thank you so much for your patience - we know it must be frustrating and even confusing, as you've been expecting a new forum.

We're very sorry we can't give you an exact date yet - when we do have a new launch date, we'll post it on this forum and give you as much notice as we can. 

Issues with posting new topics

These "technical problems" may also explain why some users had issues when trying to post new topics (a few users contacted us about seeing error messages when trying to post.)

We suspect this is because your accounts were being copied over onto the new forum. Once the new forum is live, you shouldn't have any problems posting new topics.

Reminder: Answers to your questions - and how to get help with the forums

While you're waiting for the new forum, why not review these answers to forum users' most common questions?

Will my account move to the new forum?

Yes! If you have an active user account (meaning you've logged in during the past year) it will move over to the new forum automatically, in line with our privacy policy, which you can read here: 

Where can I find the forum FAQs? How will I know when the new forum is live?

To help with questions you may have now, we're putting together a special Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page.

And please keep an eye out for more posts with reminders about the new forum launch. We’ll update you as soon as we have news about the new launch date.

Where can I get help with the forums?

Our forum moderators here to help at every step of the way, before and after the new forum launches. Please ask any questions you can - the easiest way is to send us a private message (PM).

We'd just like to remind you we're a small charity with few staff - so please be patient - we may be busier than than usual and take a bit longer to reply.

Your feedback on the new forum is very welcome!

We’ll continue to work on and improve the new forum. We always value your feedback and will be very interested to hear your opinions on the forum – both the things you do and don’t like!

Thank you  everyone for being valued members of our forum user community. We really hope you enjoy the new forum and website we’ve created for you!

Best wishes,

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21 September 2020 - 17:16

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Thank you in advance for the new forum. It's gonna be great!!

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