Fixation with celebrity - is this OCD related?

3 August 2020 - 11:53

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My daughter is 12 and has been struggling with OCD during lockdown. She has had 6 sessions of CBT and she feels that she has learnt some good ways to live with OCD and she feels like it is much more under control than it was a couple of months ago. So I was thinking that she was improving.

However, over the last month she has developed an obsession with One Direction and I am wondering if it is OCD related or just normal for a child of her age living in a time where social media feeds an obsession like this?

My daughter had previously been very good at talking about a wide range of topics but in the last few weeks I feel like I don't know her and can't connect with her. She has a few friends who share an interest in One Direction and they spend time on social media researching. She literally only has one subject and every conversation that we have had over the last week has been about One Direction - it is at the point now where I am worried that this isn't just a young girl with a crush but I feel it is becoming more of an unhealthy obsession. 

Has anyone else had any experience like this? And do you think it is a normal girl growing up into a teenager or related to OCD? I want to deal with this in the right way, starting with a limit on time spent on technology.