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29 March 2020 - 23:32

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Anybody else struggling coming to terms with this horror reality.

Every morning I wake up and for a very brief moment I'm living in a world pre Covid 19 but then reality hits

I'll spend another day scared to go out and unable to talk to anyone. I've calculated the risks so many times and still I come to the conclusion that the stress that leaving the house would cause means it will never happen.

It's a very weird and lonely world at the moment.

30 March 2020 - 12:49

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Hello Dubs

You are not alone.  We all feel this way.  What we need to do is think rationally and beyond OCD.  Covid 19 attacks the old and vulnerable.  So, if you are neither of these the worst you are said to get is a cold.  If you go out, wrap a scarf round your face.  Take antibac wipes with you to wipe things.  Most big supermarkets have perspex barriers up now to protect cashiers/customers.  You need to get out even if only to get some sunlight and fresh air.  Make sure you keep the safe distance recommended and everything should be fine. 

I hope this helps a little bit.  I know how difficult it can be. Try to put your rational head on and ignore what the OCD monter is telling you.

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