The Day My Dream Camera Came

16 September 2020 - 12:17

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When I felt ready to buy a camera I wanted to make sure that I was investing in a really good one. My boyfriend is great at researching and figuring out what products are the best for us so when I went to choose my camera he was the man I wanted advice from. He found that the [content promoting commercial product removed] had everything I was looking for. I was worried that I would not be able to

see out of the view finder because of my poor eye sight so I wanted to go a store to test one out. So we went and I saw that it had a good sized view finder and that I was able to see through it. I loved the camera and was sold. We ordered it online and I eagerly awaited for it to come in the mail.

It came after dark one day but I didn't want to open it until the next day. I had made sure to have a day off so that I could spend the entire day trying it out. When I woke up it was like Christmas morning and I went for a walk with my family. I was so excited but at the same time I was nervous. I didn't want to get my hopes up. What if the camera sucked? What if I sucked at using it? I knew that there was a lot to learn with owning a camera like the one I chose. I wanted to go for a walk because I feel that natural light is the easiest light to shoot with. I had asked Justin to take the first picture with it to make sure that the settings were right. He took one of me and he was impressed with how clear it was. I didn't want to see it then because I wanted to see for myself when I took one. Dramatic, yes but It was a big deal for me I had been waiting for a long time. My first picture was of Justin I was so happy I was almost in tears when I saw how clear it was. I had dreamed about seeing a picture of mine that clear and I got one that day. Now that I know how to use my camera better I can get it to be even clearer too.

Where we went for a walk is beautiful it is full of great pleases to take pictures. I especially wanted to get some shots with the giant stone steps that are there. I was use to using my old point and shoot camera so I stood far back to get my shot. I was amazed with how much I could fit into one shot. I ended up having to move much closer to get my picture. I didn't want a picture of just the rocks, I wanted my two babies in it, my daughter Lily and Justin. So I asked them to go sit on the steps for me. I was getting more and more excited every picture I took.

It was November when I got my camera so there were hardly any flowers around to take pictures of but I saw some near the walking trails we were on. I was amazed to see flowers out so late in the season. There were a bunch of light purple flowers and bright red bushes behind them. I like how my [content promoting commercial product removed]  on the purple flowers and blurred out the bushes in the background. I have always taken pictures of my mothers flowers and this camera was taking better pictures of those flowers than any other flower picture I have taken. So I cant wait for her flowers to come up this year.

When I got home I went over to my grandmother house. She lives right next door to me and i was excited to show her what I had got but I think she was more excited t see Lily. I took a picture when my grandmother was holding her. The camera focused on Lily and blurred out my grandma in her kerchief.

When I went home with it. I was walking around the house and trying to find things to take pictures of. That is when I walked by the mirror and saw me walking by smiling. I wanted to remember how happy I as that day so I took a self portrait. The picture is me with a huge smile on my face pointing at my new baby, [content promoting commercial product removed]