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16 September 2020 - 12:48

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Hi there,

I have recently been diagnosed to be on the OCD spectrum however I am a bit confused about the diagnosis. Initially I had thought that I might have adult ADHD, primarily with attention deficit due to my ongoing forgetfulness however the psychiatrist suggested as an adult it was more likely related to OCD.

I don't feel I relate to the more extreme descriptions of OCD, certainly not in terms of the repetitive thoughts. I am quite clear I suffer from some form of anxiety disorder. I often have difficulty concentrating and I forget minor details very quickly to the extent of inadvertently passing on incomplete or wrong instructions, while not realising until much later since "my head was somewhere else at the time". I also find that I often have to go to a different room three or four times before remembering why I was going there in the first place or to pick up what, and have difficulty organising myself to do things in a sequence, while not forgetting a specific task and having to go back to it later. When I achieve this I get tired very quickly and it feels like an excessive level of exertion on my part.

I would be very interested to read other accounts of similar experiences since no doubt there are different degrees of OCD and when I search for it I only find experiences that seem more extreme than my own case.

Many thanks.

17 September 2020 - 21:23

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What are the reasons your Psychiatrist has mentioned OCD? OCD is characterised by obsessions, which are unwanted thoughts, ideas, images, doubts and a whole host of other things that come into your head and you struggle to get rid of them, and/or compulsions, which are things you do to relieve the distress or stop feared consequences happening (can also be very varied from one individual to the next). For a diagnosis, either of these symptoms are present for at least an hour a day and are not pleasurable. 

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