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Sorry folks but I’m starting to get really confused and frustrated when it comes to replying to posts as over the past few months there have been so many repeat threads. Some are even copying and pasting the same paragraphs into multiple new threads that they’ve started.

So it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reply as you don’t know which to reply to and end up either wasting time accidentally replying to more than one or giving up and not replying to any of them.

If you are talking about a specific subject can people please keep it all on the same thread and not keep starting new threads about exactly the same thing as it fragments the replies as some will reply to one thread and some to another.

If you keep it all on the same thread then we can all see with ease what everyone else is posting making it easier to join in the discussion and so ultimately ending up with a more coherent discussion which will be of more use to all concerned.

I do fully appreciate that people panic because of their OCD but it's much easier for all to follow if it's all on the same thread.

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Good point. It does tend to happen on forums, espcially busy ones, and it makes things confused. A tip for those who don't already know: if you can find one of your own postings, click where it says "Member" underneath your name. That displays a list of your recent postings, and underneath that, a list of threads that you've started. That way, you can see at a glance if you've already started a thread on the same subject, and can post on that instead of starting another.

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