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The Online Forum is part of the OCD Action website and is open to everyone globally. It is not necessary to be a member of OCD Action to be a Forum user.

Advertising and media requests are not permitted. However, users may make postings, for example, publicising a book or other commercially available product related to OCD or other anxiety disorders or mental health matter. This could be simply to inform users that the product exists or could include users’ experiences or a book review in the spirit of the Forum community, indeed inclusion of such material brings enrichment the Forum.

Users may list their own or another website in the members list. The website may be a personal site, blog spot or the site of another OCD/anxiety disorder or mental health organisation so long as such an organisation does not solicit donations from the general public. Commercial sites are permitted provided that it is related to OCD/anxiety disorders/mental health. Other commercial sites not related to OCD/anxiety disorders/mental health are not permitted and will be deleted from the listing. Users listing non OCD commercial sites who are considered not to be bona fide users but list the site primarily for advertising purposes may also be deleted at the discretion of the Administrator.

The OCD Action Online Forum is a supportive community for people affected by the OCD spectrum of anxiety disorders, one where you can share your thoughts openly and honestly with people who are affected by OCD or care for those who suffer from it. Our team of moderators and administrators manage forums with a light touch and are there to help you and not to stifle conversation or judge. You are welcome to share your experiences, thoughts and views within this community freely within the bounds of decency. Most of all, we ask that you join in the spirit of this forum, and help us to keep it special.