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At OCD Action we often get people sending us poems, stories, books, art and a whole range of creative and inspirational work. For many people, being creative is an excellent way to express their feeling about OCD and how it impacts on their lives. In this area of the website, we invite you to submit your own creative work and share it with a wider audience. For now we can only take words but soon we hope to give you the opportunity to up-load images, video and audio. Your submissions will go to our editor for approval before they are posted below, if you wish to post pictures alongside your work, please email them across to



Posted on: 5th February 2018 by: Olivia

"I started writing poetry as therapy for myself and also for other people who can relate. Just to read something which proves you're not alone can release a great burden. Also now if I have a set back I use it as inspiration for another poem."


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Posted on: 17th January 2018 by: Olivia

I will not be hung by the noose in the f of what if

Nor guillotined by guest evils in my head.

I will not crown this despot of doubt;

My brain is not his orb to hold, my sanity not his sceptre to wield.

I will not weave him tapestries with the victories he has won

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Posted on: 15th December 2017 by: Olivia

These paintings visually represent what Pure O feels like to me. Expressing the feeling in this way helps me, and others around me who know of my illness, to understand what it is like; it was therapeutic for me also when I painted them. I cried when I had finished it.


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Posted on: 7th December 2017 by: Anonymous (not verified)


A plait of question marks glowing gold

Fell to the ground,

I climbed this curious ladder until I found

A monster one should not behold.


He had no teeth to terrify

No eyes molten with hell-hewn rage

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Posted on: 30th July 2017 by: RSE1965

OCD Washing Machine When I wake in the morning my head is clear. Within minutes I’ve filled it with intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, Obsessive behaviour and compulsion. I add a little bit of hyper vigilance and over responsibility and top it off with a cup of guilt, shame and despair.... Read More