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At OCD Action we often get people sending us poems, stories, books, art and a whole range of creative and inspirational work. For many people, being creative is an excellent way to express their feeling about OCD and how it impacts on their lives. In this area of the website, we invite you to submit your own creative work and share it with a wider audience. For now we can only take words but soon we hope to give you the opportunity to up-load images, video and audio. Your submissions will go to our editor for approval before they are posted below, if you wish to post pictures alongside your work, please email them across to



Posted on: 2nd February 2017 by: Andyroo

I began with primitive fight or flight,

Within a forgotten long ago time;

Now I haunt my captives with endless fright,

Much fear spoken of me through prose and rhyme.


Within my cruel, pounding ancient heart,

There thrives no trust or kindly... Read More

Posted on: 22nd November 2015 by: Wombat140

The incidence of clinical OCD is usually said to be between 1 and 3 percent.


Last night I dreamed about a world where OCD did not exist.
It was 1-3% better than this one.

On the news the first fusion power station had just been switched on
and the... Read More

Posted on: 18th November 2015 by: alatheia

“I don't know.”
The time passes and I think more.
“I'm not sure,”
so I place horrible doubts in mind.
“When was it?”
It could've been before us.
“Or was it?”
I cannot even find out how to find out.... Read More

Posted on: 14th October 2015 by: Olivia

One year ago, I publicly declared to the world that I have OCD.

I came out wearing a chef hat and apron. I mixed inedible ingredients, including glitter courage, to teach people the recipe for OCD.

It's a recipe too many chefs are getting wrong. The misconceptions... Read More

Posted on: 14th October 2015 by: Olivia

Kirk has created a number of fantastic videos about OCD. This video shows Kirk battling with his OCD about his contamination fears.

For all of Kirk's video's take a look at his Youtube channel.... Read More