The OCD Genie

A mysterious being of smokeless fire

Once promised to grant my every desire.

“I have fulfilled many a wish” he said to me,

Only his words were full of falsity.


So I rubbed my head and out he came,

His body tapering into flame

But cuffs of gold he did not wear,

No burden of time had he to bear.

For long had he languished inside of me,

My brain his riches and realty.


But hoping foolishly I asked him to cure

That which does the truth obscure

And being a genie, he willingly obeyed

And for a few moments I felt unafraid.


But the feeling of calm and relief did not last

For I had not the question perfectly asked.

If only I had said it in a particular way,

Perhaps he would my fears allay.


But the genie merely laughed at my pain

And disappeared back into the ruins of my brain.

Then I realised that he would never be enough

For it was I who was wearing the golden cuff.


By Sarah Mills