Conneries de choix (Bullshit of choice)

Covid 19 Where’ve you been all my life?! I've been incarcerated half my life! You wear a mask thinking you're not an infringer. Nor an impostor. When truth be told you're the biggest fraudster of them all! Cheating those humane at humanities core. All to critique, yet appease a utilitarian bore. Oh what more can be said but Stuck up selfishness, hidden behind the door. Oh how sore it must be to watch people sigh, watch people cry, watch people die. As you assiduously buy Yet another pack of disposable gloves to carry out your shopping with. You'd think the pause in social distancing would have stopped your hysteria. Driven by a reckless, irresponsible mainstream media. From academics, to doctors and nurses. You are not going to start telling me to applaud the avail of mental health nurses. To the psychiatrists dealing with the possible side effects. You're no better than Neil Ferguson. Only concerned with getting his pencil-in. Those that sanitize their door handles and conceptualise. How it must feel? To cast back and mock those that categorise. Satisfy.. a template for your purpose. Madness has infected you! Madness has infected you! Whose fantasy is this now? Compulsive, Obsessive Disorder, Obsessive, Compulsive Disorder, Compulsive, Disorder Obsessive, Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive, Obsessive, Disorder Compulsive, Disorder, Compulsive Obsessive, Wash out your mind of a preconceived profession. Examine the frailties of which you are sin. Who classifies what's right, what's wrong good or bad? American Psychiatry yet again forgetting what forms the collective society. Your opinion holds no grounds of what it is like to be better? Belonging to the folds of nothing more than my segregated smegma. Deprived and deranged to the point of insanity. Your intellect is no match for the knowledge of a Caledonian profanity. Wuthering thoughts of a worrying time. For the one's that are left here who've survived savagery. Blinded by the tears of a make shift reality. I’ve not been able to go out. I’ve not been able to tend my garden. I’ve not been able to attend my prom I’ve not been able to move appartment. I’ve not been able to sunbathe. I’ve not been able to sit there or misbehave. I’ve not been able to exercise. I’ve not been able to see a mate of mine. I've not been able to hug my family. I've not been able to hug my family! I’ve not been able to hug my family for over ten years!! Staring there in bed thinking; 'Every life is precious is it?' Why the fuck can I not dead?! By OCDTruthz