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At OCD Action we often get people sending us poems, stories, books, art and a whole range of creative and inspirational work. For many people, being creative is an excellent way to express their feeling about OCD and how it impacts on their lives. In this area of the website, we invite you to submit your own creative work and share it with a wider audience. For now we can only take words but soon we hope to give you the opportunity to up-load images, video and audio. Your submissions will go to our editor for approval before they are posted below, if you wish to post pictures alongside your work, please email them across to



Posted on: 27th July 2020 by: Anonymous (not verified)

I’d always been a worrier,

Imagining the worst…

I’d always had doubts that would hold me back,

And I’d put it all down to ‘my quirks’


I’d always been frightened of fire,

Dreaming vivid, repeated nightmares... Read More

Posted on: 13th July 2020 by: Anonymous (not verified)

By Leon Fields

"I have checking & rumination OCD. However, I have a good CBT... Read More

Posted on: 13th July 2020 by: Anonymous (not verified)

... Read More

Posted on: 19th May 2020 by: Anonymous (not verified)

It’s okay. This is a step I have to take, to get better, be better, for me, for the people around me. I want to live a better life, I want to live in the moment and not in the constant past thoughts of “that happened” and future thoughts of “it mustn’t... Read More

Posted on: 9th May 2020 by: Sian22

OCD and Me

An interrogation of the mind, body and soul.
A prison sentence, without parole.
An overcast cloud, about to downpour.
A constant shadow, impossible to ignore.

A web of lies, torment and pain,
Enough intrusive thoughts to turn anyone insane.... Read More