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Posted on: 13th October 2017 by: Olivia

When I look back now at the grand old age of 23 I can pinpoint aspects of OCD lingering throughout my childhood. In my bedroom I had a box of toys near my door where some plastic dinosaurs resided. Each night I remember feeling very uneasy and not totally trusting that these dinosaurs... Read more

Posted on: 19th July 2017 by: Anonymous (not verified)


I am 55 years of age and I have suffered from obsessive, intrusive and racing thoughts since I was a young child, in my early years I had one single thought that used to stick in my brain like super glue and each time this happened it was a struggle to let... Read more

Posted on: 9th June 2017 by: Anonymous (not verified)

I'm nervous about this but the best time to go ahead with things I'm nervous about is often when I'm too tired to obsess over it.

I have OCD. Not an easy thing to make public and I can hopefully explain why. Once you've told someone that you have obsessive compulsive disorder you... Read more

Posted on: 29th May 2017 by: Overthinker88

where to begin? Well I am currently 29 years old. I have had OCD for 24 years. It all began when my nana and auntie died in the space of 12 months. They both were diagnosed with flu, my aunt actually had a brain tumour and my man a DVT and it was too late because of the wrong diagnosis. I... Read more

Posted on: 24th May 2017 by: Lannisett09

hi everyone my name is jennifer and I am currently going through a lot in life. 11 months ago a left the father of my children due to his unfaithfulness. He caused me so much pain since we first started dating at 17. I have two beautiful children with him a girl who's 8 and a boy who is 6... Read more