My BDD Friend

I am a friend of a very attractive, intelligent young woman who has suffered from BDD for around ten years or more. Over the course of time I have had the privilege to know her I have gone through every emotion conceivable. At first a total lack of understanding on my part and sheer frustration led me to try to reassure her every time she felt depressed and ugly.

I now know this was counterproductive, but it has taken 5 years to get to the stage of understanding I am at now. I still don’t fully understand or appreciate what this disorder looks like through her eyes, I don’t think a non-sufferer can possibly understand how devastating this disorder is. I have the greatest of admiration for the way she still holds down a very responsible job and forces herself to do so many things socially that must hurt like hell. She makes me feel humble and weak because I know I would never be able to go through the living hell she does every day and still try to lead as normal a life as possible.Today she wrote down a short explanation of her feelings of sorrow, anger, frustration, despair etc, but also of how she has realised that she is not alone, that she does not have to deal with this by herself and there may be a day when she is able to control it instead of it controlling her. When I read her story, finally put into words, I cried with joy and relief. I think today was the biggest step she has ever taken in her life and she has my utmost admiration for having the courage to doing it. I have no doubt she will succeed in her goal to be rid of this horrendous disorder and I hope to be there to see that day dawn. I hope that she will have just a little more courage soon and actually publish her experiences on this Testimonials page so her fellow sufferers can share those experiences of her long fight.To my brave friend – I wish you every success and I will always there if you need me. Together we will get you through this